In our home state of Florida there are a lot of Jeep fans – more commonly referred to as ‘Jeepers’. From local clubs, to Jeep caravans, to Jeep car shows, and more, the fanbase for this automaker is well represented in FL. We recently stopped by our favorite local Jeep shop, Arrigo of Palm Beach.  They were having some sort of sale that was attracting a large swath of potential Jeep shoppers, and after walking around we found their Jeep inventory impressive. From new to old, basic to top of the line, there was a Jeep model for everyone at Arrigo. We wondered – is there a central group or website that unites Jeepers country wide? After speaking to a few browsers at the dealership we got our answer – the official Jeep Wrangler Forum. The forum is a wonderland of information and resources about your Jeep Wrangler.

2014 jeep wrangler

Their main advantages are:

  • Free membership
  • Technical support
  • Wrangler trips and tricks from other Jeep owners

The Jeep Wrangler Forum Website has several categories of forums. The “Community Forums” help you get acquainted with the site with an announcement forum, a site help and support forum, and a new member check in forum. The Jeep Wrangler “Model Tech” Forums are conveniently categorized by production years so you can receive helpful information that applies to your Wrangler. The “General Tech” Forums include tires and wheels, electronics, lighting, and off road.  The “Trail Talk and Land Use” Forums have discussions about upcoming trail rides and events, land use on public lands, and Pictures on the trail.

There is also a “Buy, sell, trade” Forum where there are Jeeps for sale, Jeep parts for sale, Wanted items, and commercial posts. The last Forum on the Jeep Wrangler Forum website is the “Vender Section”. This has Forums from, CrewAutoWindows, Dynomax Exhaust, Ledfoot Racing,, and many other suppliers of anything you may need for your Jeep Wrangler.

Every time you log into Jeep Wrangler Forum website you can take an easy look at their Statistics. As I am typing this, currently they have their posts at 4,233,449. Their memberships are 172,260. Their Threads are 263,091. They even had a section that lists the current day’s birthdays.  They list each person by their user name with their age also displayed.

On this particular day I choose to log on they had 4035 uses logged on. 796 of those were members and 3239 were guests, all of whom were discovering a wealth of information.


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