Road trips with the kids can be pretty trying. It’s not very fun for them, and their boredom isn’t enjoyable for you. But there are plenty of ways you can keep them entertained for the entire journey. As well as traditional car games, such as I-Spy, there are lots of modern gadgets and technologies that will stop the kids moaning. They won’t have time to be bored when they always have something to do. If your last road trip drove you insane, try one of these entertainment methods next time you take the family out in the car.


Ben Francis

Traditional Car Games

Before you break out the gadgets, think about how you entertained yourself when you were young. There are lots of creative games to play to get the kids’ imaginations flowing or just capture the attention for a while. You could play I-Spy, spot number plates, look out for horses or try to find yellow cars. Memory games are excellent too and can go on forever. For example, you can take it in turns to list items that you’re taking on vacation, with everyone adding another item to the list.

Audio Systems

Traditional games are fun for the kids, but they might not keep the parents as entertained. If you want something that’s enjoyable for everyone, turn on some music or the radio. You can find car audio online to make sure that everyone in the car can hear it. Of course, this works better if they whole family likes the same music. But if you can’t find a compromise, take it in turns to play your favorites. If you just can’t stand their music, it might be better to give them a personal music player instead.

DVD Players

If you just need some peace and quiet for a while, kitting out the car with a DVD player could be the solution. Give the kids child-friendly headphones to make sure they don’t go too loud, and attach screens to the back of the front seats. You can also get flip-down players, which attach to the roof of the car or rearview mirror players. Look for a player with good battery life for long journeys. Make sure you get multiple screens if you can’t position the player so everyone in the back can see it.

Smartphones and Tablets

As well as DVD players, smartphones and tablets are also excellent for keeping the kids occupied. You can download child-friendly apps so they can play games, draw and listen to music. To make sure you don’t have too many distractions, it could be better to turn off the sounds or plug headphones in. You can also use tablets and phones to play movies, and you can use a holder on the headrest or attached to your dash.

You’ll finally have some quiet when you can stop the children from getting bored. If they don’t enjoy playing car games, a few simple gadgets can stop them from distracting you. It’s much safer if you can concentrate on driving and you don’t have to worry about the kids


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