With your test day fast approaching you’re probably feeling a mixture of emotions. From sickening nerves to excitement, to the readiness of wanting to prove yourself and the desperate hope of passing your test and finally experiencing your own independence. It’s a strange time!

Tips for Pass your Driving Test

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From bay parking, and signally correctly to demonstrating that you’re impeccably observant; you’re not just passing your test to prove to your examiner that you’re competent behind the wheel, you’re demonstrating that you can apply this high level of skill for the rest of your life. Whether you’re dropping your kids off at school or you’ve been involved in a car accident – when do I need a lawyer for a car accident? Click the link to find out more – you have to show that you can act accordingly.

So, what other advice is out there for passing your driving test? Well, read on for 5 top tips for passing with flying colours.

Get to Know the Test Routes

In your area, there will be a certain number of routes that an instructor could take you. Although it’s impossible to know which route on the day, you can still make yourself familiar with the possibilities. Get to know what hazards are along these routes, from stop signs to school crossings. Ask your instructor to show you these routes and practice them as much as possible.

Go Over your Theory

After passing a theory test, you’d be amazed at how many drivers never look at their highway code manual or think to ever brush up their theory skills. For your test, it’s always worth going through your notes and books and having a little refresh session. From road signs to stopping distances, speed limits and parking limitations. You’ll need to know all this in order to pass with confidence.

Don’t be Afraid of your Examiner

Yes, the seem scary and strict, but they have an important job and they want you to pass as much as you do. Don’t be afraid of your examiner. If you didn’t hear an instruction that they gave, ask them to repeat it, you won’t be penalised for this. As long as you drive safely and adhere to the highway code it wouldn’t be a problem. Some examiners make conversation, others don’t – take your lead from them and concentrate as much as you can.

Have a Lesson Before your Test

With many driving schools and instructors, they offer this as part of the service. Having a lesson before your test allows you to get used to being behind the wheel, you can go over any manoeuvres you need help with, and anything else you’re worrying about. Use it as a confidence builder.


The amount of learner drivers who fail due to a “lack of observation” is staggering. To avoid being one of these people, don’t be afraid to exaggerate your mirror checks and observations. Move your head when you’re checking your mirrors. And make sure you’re checking them at crucial moments such as roundabouts, exits etc. Many students say the word “mirrors” out loud as they look, just so the examiner knows you’re checking them.


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