The Ram truck brand has always been one of the ‘big three’ leaders in pickup truck manufacturing and sales in the U.S. Despite the ups and downs of auto sales and economy, pickup truck sales have continues to remain strong. We wanted to get an idea of what RAM is offering this year. After getting a nice overview from our local RAM shop, Arrigo Automotive, they pointed us to the official RAM website to get some more detail information. The highlights on the first page of the Ram Truck website list praises for the 2013 Ram 1500.  The praises include Best-in-Class 25 HWY MPG, Better residual value than Ford and Chevy, Better Brand reliability than Ford and Chevy, and Unsurpassed 5 year / 100,000 Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.

Ram Trucks

The Ram website also lists a $6,950 Total Incentive which includes $1,750 Cash Allowance, $1,000.00 Bonus Cash, $1,000 Trade-In Bonus Cash, and $2,200 package Discount.

The Ram 150 light duty truck is joined on the website by Ram’s heavy duty selection, which is actually called “Ram Heavy Duty”. Then there is the Ram Chassis Cab. Two Ram vans are also pictured. The Ram C/V Tradesman and the Ram Promaster.

Any kind of job with any workload can be handled by one of these powerful and tuff Ram trucks and vans. If the Ram 1500 is not enough then step up to the Ram 2500 or the Ram 3500. Whatever your need, Ram is there to provide the right work vehicle for the job.

The Ram light duty truck are listed for towing boats, ATVs and trailers. The Ram heavy duty trucks are listed for towing horses, RVs, and just about anything else. The Ram Chassis Cab boasts a powerful frame that can handle any upfit.  The Van proudly says it has covered cargo storage inside, plus a little in tow.

The Ram website also has a volume of helpful information to help you choose your next work truck. When you click “Research”, the drop box lists eight sub-categories to help you shop.  The areas a Build and rice a vehicle, Compare Models, Competitive Compare, Get a Brochure, RamZone Blog, Ram Dashboard, Our Partners, and Guts, Glory, Ram Videos.


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