There are lots of reasons why you might have broken down, and there are plenty of ways to have avoided it. However, when you’re stranded at the side of the road, all you really want to know is what’s wrong with your vehicle and how costly is it to fix! So, here are three common motoring malfunctions that could be the cause of your latest breakdown. Check them out!

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Transmission Is Knackered

If you’re struggling to change gear and your car is leaking fluid, then this could be an eye-watering bill. Transmission repair is extremely costly, but luckily there are people out there who know what they are doing. As soon as your clutch starts slipping, it’s worth taking your vehicle to your local garage or transmission repair specialist. You don’t want to get to the stage where it becomes completely immobile and undrivable. If the whole assembly has gone bust, then you could be looking at a couple of thousand to get this thing fixed. For many, this won’t be worth the cost or hassle. It all depends on what motor you’re driving of course, and if you have a luxury vehicle, unfortunately, the cost is likely to be much, much more. The best way to avoid this happening is to drive safely, sensible, and to change gears seamlessly and smoothly.

Faulty Alternator

If you know anything about cars, or have had experience with nasty repair costs before, then you may know the dreaded word that is the alternator. It spells bad times for all of us, because a very costly repair is more than likely on its way. You’ll know about a faulty alternator if you’re struggling from battery issues or dim headlights. Now, that might not sound all that daunting. However, the alternator is what controls your engine’s radiator fan and cooling pump. Thus keeping your car from pretty much overheating and setting alight. If your dashboard indicates a rise in temperature via the engine temperature warning light, then stop driving right away. This is because your alternator may have gone bust.

Noisy Brakes

Now if there’s one thing on your car that you don’t want to stop working, it’s your bakes. Sadly, sometimes this happens, and you’re sure as hell going to know about it if it does! To ensure your don’t end up rear-ending somebody, be sure to identify the problem early. If you hear your brakes squeaking, then there could well be a problem with them. See to it immediately! Normally, with your brakes, it’s going to be one of two things. Firstly, it could be your brake pads, which have either come loose or are overly worn. This is a somewhat expensive repair, so brace yourself before the bill! Alternatively, it could be a lot of brake dust inside the drum. If so, this is a cheaper fix, however, are far more dangerous one that you shouldn’t attempt yourself. You don’t want to accidently inhale that stuff!

Ultimately, this post should have clarified what could well be wrong with your car. These three faults are very common amongst motorists, so it’s worth knowing their cause and how much they could set you back. Hopefully, this post has been inciteful.


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