Whether the car you want to sell is moderately old or new, making sure you get the best possible price is crucial, especially if you plan to use the money to invest in another motor. There are plenty of places you could go to sell your car and receive a fair price in return, but you need to know what option is best for you beforehand.

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Trade-In is the Best Option

Part exchanges usually take place at a dealership, whereby they offer you a market valuation for your vehicle. You may or may not agree to sell your car for this price. Trading in means that you can buy your new car and sell your old one in a single, seamless transaction. It is the quickest and most convenient option.

Avoid a Private Sale

Selling your old motor is to sell it privately can be risky, because it involves meeting with strangers. If you arrange a deal with someone you don’t know, you can’t trust that payment will be legitimate. The person will also know that you have a great deal of money in your home after the trade, so if possible, avoid giving your address out.

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Aside from trust issues, potential buyers could end up wasting your time and if you are not good at confrontation, you may not get the price you were after. If you are face to face with someone who is interested in buying your car, you may not feel confident enough to stand your ground and let them know that your asking price will not change, no matter how much they try to lower it.

Will I Get the Best Price?

However you end up selling your car, doing some research and finding out how much other people in the same area have paid for the same make and model in the past is the best way to avoid getting a low price for your motor.


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