If you want to buy a car, you have two main choices. You can either purchase a brand new model or a used one. The option you choose will depend on your needs and budget. These days, car buyers now have a third option: pre-registered vehicles.

So, what are pre-registered vehicles? In a nutshell, they are cars that franchised dealers have bought from manufacturers. Part of a dealer’s franchise terms is that they must order a specific amount of brand new cars.

They pay less for those cars than consumers do. Some car dealers might not admit that to you, but I know this is a fact. Those car dealers will also want to sell you brand new cars on finance, so they can make more money out of the deal.

Pre Registered Cars

Sometimes car dealers don’t sell enough new cars during a specified period. In those cases, they have to buy some models from the manufacturer. They then pre-register those vehicles and sell them off at cheaper-than-new prices.

In today’s handy guide, I will help you to decide whether buying a pre-registered car from a dealer is a good idea or not. Here is what you need to know:

They are Cheaper Than “Brand New” Models

It’s no secret that pre-registered cars are cheaper than brand new ones. That’s because they already have an owner: the dealership.

Let’s say you wanted to buy a new car, and you didn’t wish to specify options or colours. It would make sense to opt for a pre-registered model instead. Depreciation means that you could save hundreds, if not thousands, off the price of a brand new car!

You can pick up some fantastic bargains from websites like http://www.autoworld-uk.co.uk/. That’s because the dealers behind those sites usually buy pre-registered cars from main dealers. And you end up with an even cheaper car!

They are Just as Good as New Cars

The pre-registered cars dealers offer are seldom different to ones fresh off the production line at the factory. They have delivery miles, just like new cars. They won’t have any wear or tear. That’s because they get stored in a concealed storage area.

And, if you like that sort of thing, it will still have that “new car smell” too!

What About Warranty?

One downside to buying a pre-registered car is that you won’t get the full car manufacturer’s warranty on it. The thing about car warranties on those cars is that they start when the dealer receives the car, not when you buy it.

It’s not that much of an issue if you buy a car that’s only a few months old. But it can sometimes be a deal breaker for those insistent on a full manufacturer’s warranty.

And What About Depreciation?

Depreciation is the elephant in the room that people loathe talking about. Yes, pre-registered cars aren’t as valuable as brand new ones, hence the cheaper selling prices. But you need to bear in mind that, brand new cars lose a lot more value than pre-registered ones as soon as you buy them.

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