We bet you hate ending up on the side of the road when your car has stopped because…well that’s the problem. You have no idea what went wrong. All you know is that the car has broken down which leaves you with the embarrassing problem of calling someone to come help you. It can also be quite dangerous if your car stops working in certain situations. You certainly would not want your car to break down on a country road in the middle of the night. Or, for that matter, on a busy motorway at five o’clock when everyone is rushing to get home. But you can prevent both these scenarios ever happening to you by knowing the common signs there is a problem with your vehicle.


Peculiar Sounds

There are many different sounds your car will emit, that will tell you there is trouble ahead. If you are hearing a high pitch whistle while driving this could mean that there is a hole in your windscreen. If it is small enough that you cannot see it without a magnifying glass, fixing it will not be necessary. But you may want to consider forking out some cash to make the repair, because if it grows you may end up having to replace the windscreen.

If you hear a screeching noise while braking then, shock horror, there could a problem with your brakes. We suggest getting this checked out immediately as you do not want to leave whether your vehicle is safe to drive to chance.

One final nasty noise is bumping and thumping when attempting to make those fast and furious gear changes. Either you missed the sweet spot – it is possible – or there is a problem with your transmission. Changing the transmission fluid may fix this but you could be looking at a more serious problem. If that is the case, look into getting a transmission repair.

Weird Smells

Ever smelled something burning while driving your car? Obviously, if you rev your car when pulling out you can scorch your tires and this may be your answer. But, if there is a burning smell while driving normally this means there is a bigger problem. Again, it could be your transmission or your brakes if the pads are being rubbed the wrong way, but there is another culprit. If you have an oil leak, it could be falling on the exhaust and burning. You may not notice the leak, even if it is dripping out your car, but trust us. Once you are stopped and outside you will definitely smell it and so will others.

Funny Feelings

You may have noticed something wrong with your car but not been able to pinpoint it. If anyone asked you to describe it, you would probably just say it was a funny feeling you could not explain. One of the most common problems is not recognising an issue with your steering because you have just adapted to driving with it. If your steering is slightly off this does not make your car dangerous to drive. On the other hand feeling your car pull you to one side of the road can mean a serious problem with your breaks and needs to be fixed.

Now you know the signs of problems with your car, you can watch out for them and fix them before they lead you into disaster.


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