The inspirational creation of Tesla Motors, the Tesla Model S is almost as good as it gets. The multifunctional sedan constitutes the right blend of engineering excellence, superb powertrain, immaculate technology and impressive performance, and gives you an almost perfect driving experience.

If you are a Tesla’s fan, here is a quick review of the Tesla Model S Sedan:

The Design

Tesla Model S - Exterior

The supermodel has been inspired to give the looks and feel of an endurance athlete. Having design of a graceful sedan, Tesla S is the only vehicle that gives you a convertible-type driving experience through its innovative All-Glass Panoramic Roof. The panoramic roof is specially carved out of a lightweight safety glass. It is not merely a sunroof the glass opens up by just a swipe from its control panel on the touchscreen and keeps itself cool even on the hottest of days and blocks 98% visible light and 81% of heat.


The car is designed to minimize that drag effect as much as possible. With optimized body sculpture, the car’s door handles automatically retract into the body when not in use for a set interval. The handles slide out when you approach the car with the key. They key is also a complete package of innovation. It has been stylishly designed and has the brains to command the car to unlock, as you approach your sedan. Making it even more exciting is the car ignition. You don’t have to tuck the key in the switch it starts automatically as soon as you buckle in to the driver’s seat.

You get the liberty to customize your Tesla’s design according to your requirements. The specialized design portal allows you to design your vehicle’s paint, performance levels, roof, wheels and interior.

What’s Inside?

Tesla Model S - Interior

The Tesla Model S is totally a driver-friendly vehicle. It equips a huge collection of tech and gadgets to make your driving experience interactive and collaborative. Its premium edge in the interior is a 17 inch LCD touchscreen embedded right on the center of the dashboard offering an easy approach. The LCD provides basic vehicle controls and other useful content along with the option of mobile connectivity. It combines with the steering wheel controls and digital instrument clusters to provide media, communication, cabin controls and vehicle information making it convenient for you to understand and manage your vehicle.

Tesla Model S - Lcd

The touchscreen automatically turns on as soon as you open it and displays the last operated function. It also gives you access to navigation, web connectivity, rearview camera and hands-free calling through Bluetooth connectivity. You can further enhance the interior with Tesla’s Premium Central Console. The console can also be useful as a space to keep your cellphone or other accessories like bottles and small utensils.

Adding up to the interior are two USB ports through which you can charge your portable devices while you travel long distances.

Enhanced Storage Space

The Tesla Model S has been intelligently designed to optimize the storage capacity to the max possible levels. It encompasses an enormous 63.4 cubic feet storage size with a trunk that is capable of accommodating a mountain bike and 2 large cargo bags at the same time.

Seating Capacity

Tesla Model S - seat

Your Tesla Model S Sedan can accommodate 5 adults and 2 children with the option of rear facing seat for kids. Each adult seat comes with a seatbelt to ensure safety and is made out of comfy material. The car also contains bucket seats, which are foldable and provide comfortable seating for children under 10 years of age.

The Performance

With an almost 50/50 weight balance and negligible center of gravity, you get to experience superior responsiveness and agility with your Tesla Model S. It has been equipped with electric powertrain that delivers an electrifying performance. The rotor – which is the only moving piece under the hood – enables Tesla to derive instant acceleration and takes you from 0 to 60MPH in a breathtaking 5.4 seconds. It has the top speed of 125MPH and gives 0 emission from the tailpipe. Smart Air Suspension and Power steering provide automatic optimization to the vehicle to adjust its aerodynamics according to the speed limits.

A rear-wheel drive supports the powertrain along with efficiently designed consumption systems that give you optimum energy utilization. Its best energy consumption figures are 118 mpg-e with a regular run and 74 mpg-e with the air conditioning turned on.


Tesla Model S - Safety

Tesla has never neglected safety while designing its vehicles. The Model S comes with supreme safety features including 8 air-bags – head, knees and pelvis – and two side curtain air-bags. An acoustic front row safety belt warning, rollover crash sensor, driver seat position sensor, rear door child safety locks, anti-theft and immobilizer system and a crash sensor for high voltage disconnect makes the model an ultra-safe vehicle till date.

Tesla Model S – Wall of Fame

Through its outperforming potential, super-high-tech features and superior safety provisions, the Tesla Model S has mustered up the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year Award, and has achieved the Best Safety Rating of any car ever tested.

Pros and Cons

  1. For the positive side, the car has an excellent battery range, enhanced cargo space, grander safety features, and high-tech provisions accompanied with classy yet sleek styling.
  2. There aren’t much negatives to say about the car, however, its reliability in the long run is still unknown. Secondly, it is lacking on the convenience and familiarity with comparable luxury sedans.
  3. The price for the base model starts around $70,000 excluding taxes.


Tesla Model S - Back

The Tesla Model S poses a major competition to the luxury sedan class through its outrageous performance and styling features, and is expected to sustain its position as a strong contender of high consumer attractions within the automotive industry.


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