For most people who are trying to sell their car, the most common question that will come to mind is how to determine the value of their car. While this is an important question when it comes to selling a used car, there are several important factors that have to be considered in order to determine the resale value of your used car. Full knowledge of these factors will answer the question, what is my used car worth?

Working with accredited dealers will ensure that the figure arrived at during valuation is genuine. Such dealers have networks of offices and services stations in major cities and towns across US. Their experience in dealing with different vehicle models and cars in different conditions ensure that you get the best value.

Online services make the process of valuation easier. The website allows potential clients to get estimates from any location in US. In a state like Florida where the demand is high, this is a quick way to access professional and regulated services. You do not have to make the physical trip to the yard. A few details entered at will help you establish the market value. The site will require knowledge of a number of facts.

Year of Manufacture

For any type of car, a model that was produced more recently will generally be worth more than the one produced earlier. For instance, a particular model that was produced in 2008 will generally command more money than a similar model that was produced in 2000. Compared to the older model, newer versions typically come with annual upgrades and improvements. Practically, the new version will have covered fewer miles than the older model.


When you compare two used vehicles of the same model, the year of manufacture and the equipment or features, the vehicle with fewer total miles on the odometer will generally fetch a higher value. When a used car is being appraised, there is a general assumption that the car with a higher mileage will require more reconditioning work or repairs earlier and more frequently than the one with a low mileage.

Condition of the Car

When a valuation is conducted on a used car, the exterior and interior conditions of the car are of utmost importance. This is where first impressions will matter significantly. If the car’s paint job is in perfect condition, there is no damage to the body and the interior is clean, the car will generally command a higher price. Further, the condition of the undercarriage must be inspected for abuse, leaks and damage before a value can be quoted.


Your used car’s worth can also be affected by the local demand and supply of the model, and the special equipment or features it contains. For instance, if your car has the option of all-wheel drive, it may fetch a higher price in a state that lies on the snow-belt than the same vehicle would in southern states. Moreover, factors like high-output engine and special performance can increase the vehicle’s demand regardless of its location.

Want to know what is my used car worth? Generally, the overall condition of your car, the features, the year of manufacture, its special features, the local demand and supply, and the mileage it has covered are some of the top factors to consider when determining the value of a used car.


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