Just as you wrap up in extra layers of clothing and take steps to protect your home during the cold winter months, your car will need some extra care and preparation to make it through the winter as well. But, getting your car ready for the winter is often only half the battle. With winter driving conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain mandating different driving conditions and more dangerous roads, these will also need to be taken seriously and must be fully prepared for. This winter, make sure that your car is prepared as you are when it comes to surviving the elements. We’ll tell you what your car needs to survive the winter, what to take on a winter road trip, and how to safely drive in winter weather conditions.

protect your car this winterImage Source: Pixabay

1.  Cover it Up:

When you’re not driving your car, keeping it sheltered from the wind and cold will ensure that it is best protected. Leaving your car outside in the cold can lead to a range of different issues, such as cracked windshields from ice or high winds causing parts of your car to break. If you don’t have a garage at home, you may be wondering if there are any other alternatives to consider. The answer is yes – these metal building kits can be assembled quickly by almost anybody and provide a great alternative to a garage for shielding your car from the weather during the winter months.

2.  Prepare for Winter Driving

There’s no getting away from driving in the winter, so instead of dreading it, make sure that you are prepared for it. The changing of the seasons is one of the best times to check if there is anything that your car needs to be ready for colder, wetter and icier weather conditions. Take your car to a mechanic and have the brakes, battery, antifreeze level, heater, defroster, and thermostat checked. Make sure that your tires have adequate tread and ensure that all the lights are fully operational. Change your windscreen washer fluid for one that is specially designed for use in the winter.

3.  Be Ready for Winter Trips:

A winter accident could leave you stuck in freezing weather on the side of the road. Pack your car with a few essentials to ensure that you are comfortable and safe if this were to happen. A spare, charged cell phone in your car is a great idea, and make sure that you have a toolkit that you can use for changing a tire or repairing a broken wind screen wiper, for example. Have a snow/ice scraper and a shovel ready in your vehicle, and a winter first aid kit including items such as a flashlight, batteries, and matches. Have extra warm clothing and blankets ready too for any break-downs or accidents that leave you waiting in the cold. Unperishable snacks such as granola bars are also a great idea.

Driving in the winter carries more risks for both you and your car. Are you ready for winter on the road?


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