It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. We get in the car, turn the key and nothing happens. At best it’s a three hour wait for the garage or recovery service, at worst it’s a trip to the scrap yard. Having to buy a replacement vehicle is not something that we all have a budget for and buying a second hand car can be a bit of a minefield.

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Where to buy

Many new car dealerships are now offering tempting deals; low deposits, flexible finance and zero interest. These offers have impacted on the second hand market a great deal. For the seller it means a smaller market and having to reconsider their prices, for the buyer it means that a better bargain can often be struck. If you are looking for used cars in Sheffield then you will find a number of garages offering quality used cars.

Always decide what type of car you want before you go out shopping. Consider not only your budget but the insurance, tax and running costs. Also consider its use. There is no point buying a sporty two seater with hardly any boot if you are a golf player with three children. Your mileage is another thing to consider. How many miles do you normally do in a month? Modern engines are designed to be economical and the difference between diesel and petrol is now minimal. If you are a little green around the gills when it comes to cars then go to a website such as Auto Trader and do some research.

Many garages now have a strong online presence; even car auctions now upload photographs of their stock and full details of the car itself. Always look for the good points like a full service history, number of previous owners and of course the mileage. Websites such as will give you a heads up as to what’s available before you even leave your front door.

Under the hammer

Another option if you are looking for used cars in Sheffield is the car auction. This is not a place for the faint hearted as you have to be prepared to wage a battle of nerves against other interested parties. Buying at auction used to have a dangerous reputation. In modern auctions many cars have warranties and all can be started and viewed thoroughly before the auction begins.

Many are also main dealer part exchanges; if this is the case the sticker in the windscreen will let you know. Important things to check are the MOT and the road tax. Many purchasers have driven off with a “bargain” to find out that everything expires in three days time. Also check that the V5 (vehicle document) is with the auctioneer and you do not have to send off for it to be issued. This can create problems when it comes to renewing the road tax.

Wherever you choose to look for used cars never dive in and buy the first vehicles you see. Take your time and look around and always check the insurance so that you don’t drive home with your pride and joy only to find that you can’t afford to move it from the drive.


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