Summer Car Care Tips

Everybody loves summer. It’s a time for friends, family, food, merriment and drinking. There will be barbecue’s, parties, gatherings, and trips away. New memories will be created, and at the center of most of these will be your car.

You’ll be taking it on holiday, driving it to your friend’s parties, and taking the family on an adventure day out. As such, every aspect of the ride has to be pruned and tweaked to perfection, to make sure it’s ready for some heavy use. So, in order to help you out, here are five quick ways you can swiftly bring your car up to summer standard.

Are your Brakes Safe? Get them Checked!

Brakes are more prone to fading in warmer weather, and in summer, this is a given. Your tires will be warmer, which creates less friction, which means you’ll be braking more and more. This in mind, this should be your first port of call – it’s vital to the safety of the vehicle and the people in it.

Car Care Tips

Get them Checked!

Are you Cool Enough? Check the air con!

It’s that time of year again, when people begin getting the car air conditioning ready for summer. With scorching heat due across the globe, there’s never a more prudent time of year to ensure your car is kept cool and ventilated. Check, double check and triple check your system, to see if it blows cold and gets rid of any odors. If it’s broken, take it to an engineer. The last thing you want is to be caught under a boiling summer sun with no air conditioning system.

Are you Happy with your Image? Clean the Exterior!

The worst thing about summer and extremely bright lighting is that it shows up flaws like a beacon. Those scuffs and marks you hid from the world over winter will light up like the sun over summer. So, in order to avoid your car looking like it’s just been through a warzone, either take it to a car wash or do it yourself!

Wash your Car

A Clean Car is a Happy Car

It can’t hurt to clean the interior too, while you’re at it. That light will show up all the dirt and debris lurking on your floors as well as on your car body. Also, we tend to use our cars for summer trips away, which means we’ll be spending long periods of time in them. Having them clean makes this a more appealing prospect!

Are your Tires Functional? Give them an Inspection!

If you have winter tires on your car, now’s the time to swap them out for summer ones. Obviously. Don’t forget! Since you’re putting on new tyres, you’ll want to make sure their tread depth and pressure is accurate, too. You can do both of these at home, or any local garage would be happy to help.

Are you Ready? Yes!

That is, if you followed these steps. A tip-top car can be the secret to having a perfect summer season, so don’t let yours lag behind. You can stop yourself from encountering any problems, and make sure your ride is ready for any activities that come your way.


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