A car is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your consumer life. Nothing quite matches the feeling gained from driving off the forecourt in a new motor.

However, your asset will lose value instantly and those high depreciation rates means that getting your choice of vehicle right is imperative. Value for money is a crucial part of our shopping habits and can quickly change our perception of a product for the good or bad. Being ripped off or making a poor decision is a nightmare for any driver.


Nobody wants to be stuck with a car that isn’t fit for purpose. If this does happen then you’ll either have to accept a financial loss, or keep driving a vehicle that doesn’t really do the job you need it to. Neither solution is particularly enviable.

Financial conditions are of course an important reason for getting your decision right, but they are far from being the key. The car is a major part of your daily life and every driver wants to feel safe and comfortable in their new motor. This should be at the forefront of your thinking when it comes to buying a new vehicle.

If you have specific needs as a driver then you should always make a list of these to ensure that your new purchase can cater to your requirements. For example, RRG Toyota Motability provide bespoke cars designed to help those with disabilities. Basically, if you’re looking for a specialist vehicle then you should use an appropriate dealer. After all, they can give you the best expert advice on what model will be best for you.

Another tip to avoid making a wrong decision is to always test drive any potential purchase. It’s far too easy to fall in love with a car because of its looks but if it doesn’t handle well then you’ll soon get frustrated. Getting a feel for the vehicle will give you a far better inkling as to whether it’s right for you.

Once you have found the right car then it’s always worth bartering on the price. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying from a dealer or a private seller, haggling is key. You might not be able to lower the cost by much but any saving is better than nothing.

If you’ve found a car that’s right for you then it’s probably a good purchase and you shouldn’t worry too much about deprecation anyway. The sale value is mainly a by-product, especially if you intend to keep the motor for a long time. Nevertheless, looking after the vehicle should be a priority as you want it to perform well throughout your time as the owner. This will also help it to hold a better sale price for when the time does come to make a change.

The pursuit of value is one of the most important aspects of any car purchase as we all feel that need to get the best product for the best price. However, value doesn’t have to mean money. If you find the right vehicle and give it the right care, then you can’t go far wrong.


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