If you’re looking to build your business into a successful brand, then it is important that you make your product your king. As such, the rest of your business must orientate around the product itself. Having the right vehicle to carry your product in, for example, is essential if you want your product to arrive in the state that it left the office in. Arguably your most important piece of office equipment, your van is at the heart of almost every successful business transaction and, as a result, you should make it a cornerstone of your business strategy.

2015 Chevrolet City Express Minivan - Back

Here, we look at how you can source the perfect van for your business:

Consider Your Exact Needs

Firstly, consider exactly what you’ll be using your van for. It’s all well and good getting a nippy 20ft city van due to the fact that you’ll be able to drive it through city centres and will get a reasonable level of fuel economy, but this is ultimately useless if you’re going to be taking large containers of stock. Great fuel economy is fantastic, but it’s all undone if you have to take 2 trips!

Likewise, consider access, if you get a vehicle with only rear doors, you may struggle if you have a large product where side access is required. Once you’ve considered your exact requirements you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Never try to make your decision before working out your exact usage as you’ll only need to change further down the line after a number of failed delivery stock take attempts.

What Are Your Funding Options?

Once you’ve worked out what you’ll be using your van for, you have to decide what type suits this requirements and what particular makes and models interest you.

Then, once this is complete, you only have the simple job of financing your purchase. Of course, you have a number of options here, including bank loans, business loans and personal finance/ business expenses. In addition though, you could consider van leasing deals from places like Select Contracts if your business doesn’t want the large expenditure up front.

Buying a brand new van for your business may seem like a large expenditure; especially if your business’s cash flow is quite tight. However, in order to make your product the star of the show, and in order to ensure that it arrives safely, a new van to transport it in is essential. As an additional bonus, it will even boost the professionalism of your business in the eyes of your customers.


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