In the UK it takes the average learner driver 40 hours to pass their driving test and in many cases learner drivers exceed the number of lessons quoted above. Of course some learner drivers are able to pick up driving faster than others and as a result they are able to pass in a fewer number of lessons, however this is the exception and not the rule. Often learners find it takes them far longer than 40 lessons to pass, especially if they are learning to drive in a very built up urban area, as learning to drive in the city is far harder than learning to drive in a rural or less populated area.

Traditionally learner drivers will space their lessons out at regular intervals, usually once a week, meaning it can take the average learner several months before they get to a point at which they are ready to take their driving test. If you are not patient enough to wait several months to learn to drive, one way around this problem is to enrol in an intensive driving course.

Learn Driving

If you have not heard of a course of this nature you are probably wondering why you should book an intensive driving course, however for individuals with both the disposable finance and the time an intensive driving course is a great way of learning to drive and below we have listed some of the associated benefits.

Stops You Forgetting What You Were Taught In Your Previous Lesson

The standard way of driving is to take a one hour lesson every week and although this allows you space out your lessons and ensure you have the means to finance your lessons, it has one major flaw in that students often forget the concepts they worked on in their previous lesson. If you are only driving once a week it will often take you a while to get to grips with the car and remember what you were taught in the previous weeks’ lesson.

Intensive driving courses are taught for 6 hours each day and lessons are taking on consecutive days. The idea is that a learner driver will be taken from novice to test standard in the shortest possible amount of time, usually a week. The length and proximity of the lessons reduce the chances of the learner forgetting what they were taught in the previous lesson and generally it leads to learners mastering the concepts they are taught in the shortest possible time. You can book this course at , if you are interested in taking it.

Perfect For Individuals Who Have Recently Failed Their Test

If you have recently failed your driving test a short, tailored intensive driving course may be just what you need to get you over the line. On the course you can work on the areas of your driving that let you down on you test, therefore improving your chances of passing your next driving test.

Intensive driving courses are the perfect course for anyone with the time, money and focus needed to complete a course of this nature.



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