Keeping your car clean during the winter weather can be quite a struggle as when stationary it could be covered with snow but when travelling all the dirt from puddles or slush can also make your vehicle dirty very quickly. There are some simple ways that you can keep your car clean and we have given some tips below.

Car Cover

Sounds pretty simple but it’s a cheap and effective way to protect your car when it is stationary. Depending on where you are and the time of the year, it can be very difficult to de-ice your car in the winter weather. This would involve you spending time using either de-ice spray or a scraper that can be very uncomfortable and time consuming therefore prevention is the key. Car covers come in all shapes and sizes and are pretty cheap to purchase in various car stores or online. Putting this over your car takes no more than a minute to do and will completely prevent snow, ice or dirt getting on your car so when you take the cover off it looks exactly like it did before. In the summer these covers also have a benefit in hot areas where they will keep the interior away from direct sunlight and cooler inside.

keep your car cleanImage Source: Flickr

Washing the Exterior of the Car More Frequently

In the winter you will normally find yourself washing your car a lot more regularly in order to keep it clean. In order to get it really clean, most people would do this themselves or hire someone to do this on their behalf (using the machines to do it could damage your vehicle and the effectiveness is somewhat questionable). Employing someone to do it can be really cheap therefore not a big expenditure. The key to this is that afterwards you need to try and keep it clean therefore when you are back at home you park this off road in a driveway (or preferably a garage).

Keeping the Interior of Your Car Clean

In the winter weather, more dirt will also get inside whether this be the dirt off your shoes or the rain from your clothes. Items such as rubber floor mats are really easy to clean and are not expensive to purchase. They are much more effective than carpet mats in respect to cleanliness. You can also use thing such as car seat covers if you wish in order to prevent dirt getting on them. These are also available to purchase in all types of sizes and quality from car stores or online.

Various Forms of Wax

There are various forms of wax that you can purchase to place on your car that help protect it from marks and dirt. When looking to purchase this, don’t just go for the cheapest as this could leave streaks. The application of this is also really important therefore read instructions clearly. If in doubt there are many different outlets that will apply this on your behalf at reasonable rates.


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