Summer vacations are around and the heat is on! Whether you are planning for a cross-country road trip, a last minute getaway with friends or just hanging around town, you may well be prepared to beat the heat off the asphalt! Here are some tips you should follow to make sure everything goes smooth and you reach your desired destination safely.

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Know your Trip

Put your driving estimates (maps, stops, duration) on paper and inform others about your plan before hitting the road. Moreover, keep track of roadwork and maintenance shutdowns before leaving. To get live updates on the highway and motorway conditions across America, do follow this link.

Prepare your Vehicle

Ensure all tires including the spare are properly inflated. Keep track of the tire mileage; get a tire job done if existing tires have already rubbed the asphalt for more than 25,000 miles. A thorough inspection of the engine, battery, radiators, belts and fluids is mandatory. Moreover, check the hose for the air-conditioning if you don’t want a sweaty ride. Test all the lights, wipers, and windows. Still not sure about your vehicle? Consider a quick checkup by a mechanic/technician. A prudent spending on the inspection can provide reassurance and save you interruptions and costly repairs along the way. Remember to keep jumper cables, flashlights, and a gallon of bottled water in case of emergencies.

Safety First and Always

Never forget to buckle up! In the event of a flat tire or an engine problem, drive out of the traffic/lane to stay out of the way. Furthermore, call 911 if you spot any kind of drunk or reckless driving. It’s entirely legal to report any disturbed behavior on the road. Road checkpoints normally keep every vehicle in sight. In case you’re speeding, don’t get tangled with the traffic sergeant and contact California Traffic Lawyers especially the Traffic Ticker Lawyers Sacramento to avoid any serious charges.

Keep Passengers in Mind

Ensure suitable seat arrangement for children prior to the beginning of the trip. Remember to bring toys, books and lots of snacks and cool beverages to keep them busy. Make sure children under the age of 12 sit in the back seat. Most importantly, never leave children alone in the car; the temperature inside can spike up twice as compared to outside temperature. In case of adult passengers, ensure everyone is buckled up when the car is moving.

Focus on the Road

How many times we see the sign ‘Don’t use your cellphone while driving’? If you want to make a call, respond to a text, check maps or get the report on weather conditions, wait till you stop over in a safe place or a parking lot. Avoid connecting your Mobile GPS to your car while driving, instead ask your partner to do it. It’s important to switch driving duties with partners to avoid tiredness and fatigue. Rest to refresh yourself – driving while dozy can be fatal. Allowing yourself frequent breaks gives a chance to everyone for a good stretch and makes the trip easier and less tiring. Remember to stop and eat – do not eat while driving!


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