Self-driving gives you freedom to explore Uganda. A rented car from a car rental agency gives personal services to clients interested in a safari in the pearl of Africa. Basically, 4×4 wheel drive cars are on a high demand and you can enjoy a self drive in Uganda since the state of the roads in most locations have greatly improved.

self driveImage Source: Pixabay

Car Survey

Check the car thoroughly well before any journey. Car survey is for safety reasons and enables one observe if the car is in good mechanical conditions. Before the journey, check the car tyres if it’s in proper position check oil, water level, car lights, wiper blades, the engine or any oil leakage. For any emergence case, keep at least two spare tires in case of a puncture.

Well Equipped Cars

A car hirer should equip the car with necessary tools such as jerks, spare tyres, wheel spanners and other car repair machines to help out the client in case of a mechanical breakdown brought about by the nature of the roads being full of potholes.

Refill the Air Conditioner “ AC”

Many travelers hire rental cars to explore the area and sometimes these cars tend to stop functioning well. Therefore, you should check the refilling of the air conditioner’s gas. So, you can inhale fresh air for air proper circulation. When the AC is not functioning well, it may cause discomfort to the client and sometimes end up getting sick.

Check the Car Lights

The car should be in good mechanical condition in that lights should be functioning well. The lights should be proper and dim since most travelers tend to drive during night hours and tourist destinations are usually present and positioned in far of places. In a bid of minimizing car accidents, you should check car lamps thoroughly to be able to enjoy night travels as well as safari.

Check the Car Tyre

Tires usually wear out after travelling for long distances. You should change worn out tyres to prevent cars from crushing and causing accidents. It also prevents them from back sliding due to slippery roads. Always keep an emergency spare tyre in case of a puncture and car tyre kits to enable fix the tyre.

Service the Car

A car is like humans. So, you should give special attention to prolong the life of the engine and always stay in good mechanical condition. Always change the Hydraulic, engine oil, water coolant and give attention to the gear box. This will prevent the car from engaging in accidents due to the engine default brought about by failure to service the car.

Update Insurance

In order to prevent disturbances from people who stand along roads. The third party motor insurance should update their services every year to prevent disturbances . It’s the role of the car hirer to see if the insurance is up-to-date before giving out the car to the client. Once the client gets sabotage because of the agencies negligence. It will create a state of disappointment to the client which will tarnish the agencies reputation. And it will create a poor review by the client towards the company.

Insurance Policy

For the safety of the car and the business to keep booming, the vehicles should be put under comprehensive insurance such that if any accident or damage occurs, the insurance company should cover all the losses but when the damage was due to the client’s carelessness such as driving under alcohol influence, careless driving, the insurance company is not responsible but it’s the care hirer to deal with the client.


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