Every car owner knows that maintenance costs can be pretty high. This is without having to deal with charges that are simply unnecessary and that are just the invention of shady mechanics. One of the main reasons why you buy an SUV or any other vehicle is to use it. Dealing with bad mechanics makes the car unusable and drastically increases costs. This is why you need to change your mechanic whenever he tries to convince you about the following things.


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  • Any Motor Oil Kind Works

Many mechanics say that it does not matter what motor oil you use and they recommend something to help you save money. In reality, this might hurt your engine. There are countless differences that can be mentioned between motor oils and the type you choose is very important for the long-term durability of your car. The same rule applies to synthetic or conventional oil. These have very different properties, each having advantages and disadvantages.

  • You Should Not Drive Your Car For X Distance/Time

One of the really common scare tactics used by dishonest mechanics is to tell you that you should not drive your vehicle to a destination because it needs to be fixed. Remember that mechanics know most people do not know much about their cars. The dishonest mechanics prey on fears and want you to think that your car is going to break down if you drive it too much. Whenever a mechanic tells you something like this, it is best to get a second opinion as soon as you can.

  • You Need To Get This Maintenance Done Soon

Always look at the owner manual to see what the appropriate maintenance schedule is. This is what you have to follow. The only situation when this is not the case is when something bad happened and it warrants a modification in the schedule.

Many shops try to trick you by saying that owner manuals do not take into account real-world conditions. You might even hear that other cars like yours had problems in the past when the maintenance work was done according to the official schedule. In both cases, this is just a ploy.

Remember that the manufacturer actually went through countless tests so they can make the appropriate recommendations. As mechanics want to change this and convince you of something else, they just want you to spend more money.

  • You Need To Replace Everything

There are situations in which a large system has to be replaced, like the exhaust system. In other cases, just simple repairs fix the problems. When you fail emissions tests due to a simple hole inside the exhaust, you do not need to replace the whole system. Just some sealant might get the job done. Some auto repair shops even perform such a fix without charging you because it is so simple and quick.

The idea here is to avoid trusting mechanics that tell you the entire system has to be repaired because of one problem. They might just want you to spend more.


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