For many people, the idea of heading off on a road trip vacation with the kids in tow is a nightmare. But, the truth is, with a little planning and thought, it’s achievable – and can even be enjoyable. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at what you need to do to get through a long-haul road trip. Follow these tips, and you should appease everyone – even the smallest passengers.

Tips Road Trip


Plan Well

If you want your trip to be a success, make sure you plan everything. Look at all your routes and find out where the best places are to stop. Many service stations have excellent facilities for the kids, so know where they are and use them as a stopping point.

Stop Often

Don’t plan on getting across the country in one sitting. It’s unsafe for you to drive such a distance anyway, and your children will hate the experience. Road trips are OK for kids, but you aren’t going to be breaking any distance records, Stop often – every couple of hours or so. It will help them spend some pent of energy, and give you the break you need to drive safely.

Bring Entertainment

Kids need distractions, and there are few of interest to them when they are traveling long distances. So, bring plenty of entertainment. Portable DVD players or tablets work well, for a while. And, don’t forget about the old school entertainment such as playing Eye Spy or memory games. Music will help, too – kids love a singalong. As long as you keep mixing up the entertainment, they should be happy enough to get you from one stopping point to the next.

Going Abroad?

Don’t feel like you can’t go on a road trip if you go abroad, either. You can book your flights and rent a car right from the airport. The kids will love the excitement of traveling in a new vehicle, especially if it’s far cleaner and comfier than the one you left at home! Plus, plenty of car rental companies offer other services. You can look for Hotels deals with HotWire or other similar companies, for example. So, not only will you have a new car to enjoy, but you also might be able to save a little on your stopovers.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Wherever you are in the world, accidents will always happen. So, make sure you are prepared for anything by bringing a first aid kit. You’ll need Band-Aids, a few different medications, and antibacterial cream. Stock up on toilet tissue, too – it comes in handy wherever you are and in any situation.

Make Sure they are Comfortable

Adults are uncomfortable enough while traveling long distances in a car. But, kids have it even worse. They are strapped tightly into smaller seats, and it’s one of the biggest reasons for outbursts occurring. Make sure they are comfortable by putting them in their favorite loose clothes – pajamas are ideal. Security blankets and toys are also essential – and pillows will come in handy when they fall asleep.


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