Most people neglect the tires on their car.  It’s understandable because today everyone is so busy. But that’s too bad, because with a little TLC, you can assure your car is not only safe to drive, you can keep it that way without spending unnecessary money.  Here are five tips that you can use to achieve that goal.

BMW i8 tyre

1) Keep them Properly Inflated

Underinflated tires cost you money. The reason?  Underinflated tires don’t roll as easily when you drive and this drops your gas mileage.

By the way, Mullahey Chrysler of Chico, CA, a full Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer, brings up an important point: the correct pressure to inflate your tires is NOT what the pressure number stated on the actual tire is. The pressure stated on your tires is the maximum pressure. To find out what the pressure that you should inflate your tires to is, on the inflation sticker on your front door jambs or consult your owner’s manual.

2)  Not all Tires are the Same

In areas that see a lot of winter weather, get a second set of winter tires for safe driving. This will help guarantee sure-footing regardless of what the weatherman throws your way.  Trust us, knowing that your car has winter tires on it will give you piece of mind when the snow starts.

Note: many people get a second set of rims to keep their winter tires and summer tires separate.  It’s a little easier when you want to swap them.

3)  Buy them off Season

Did you know that if you buy your tires off-season that you can save money?  It’s simple, buy your winter tires in the summer and summer tires in the winter. Think about it, retailers need sales to be consistent year so they incentivize with discounts when sales slow down.

Note: Most people don’t shop around for tires, they just go for whatever the local tire store recommends.  This can cost you money because there are always great deals somewhere. Definitely look into the discount tire retailers and look for coupons in the local papers. Keep your eyes peeled for rebates also.

4  Don’t Discard Punctured Tires

Don’t get sold a new tire because your old one got a nail stuck in it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with patching a tire that has a simple hole.  Bring it to your local dealer or repair shop and have them patch it. Typically a patch will cost $25 or so and should last the life of the tire.

5)  Don’t Forget to Align your Front End

This final tip is more common sense than anything else. If your tires need replacing and they show odd wear patterns (worn more on one edge than the other), get new tires and then your vehicle’s tires aligned.  New tires aren’t cheap and if your front end is out of adjustment, they might wear down quickly. “Invest” in a front alignment.


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