We don’t often gaze at the wheels of our car with awe and wonder, unless of course, we’ve just spend a few hundred dollars on some dazzling alloys. Speaking for myself, I can more often be found admiring the body work of my car, the luxurious interior or the new shine on the windows after taking it through the car wash. However, the wheels and tyres are such an integral part of any car, since quite frankly, the car wouldn’t be able to move without them.

The Key Points When You Shop for Wheels with Tyres

When you buy wheels and tyres, you have two main options. You can buy wheels and tyres together, or you can opt for wheels and tyres separately. If you only need new tyres, it makes no sense to pay more to buy the wheels too. However, if you notice that your wheel rims might need to be changed fairly soon, it can actually be more cost-effective to purchase both wheels and tyres together. A lot of wheels and tyre stores will offer a discount when you buy the two products together, so take your time and weigh up which is the more cost-effective option for you.

In the past, I have chosen to buy wheels with tyres rather than the two separately simply because it’s a lot easier to do yourself. Taking a tyre off the wheel itself and changing it requires tools which not everybody has with them all the time, if at all. Taking the tyre off the rim is really a job for a mechanic, although it’s a basic auto job that many people learn along the way.

The Key Points When You Shop for Wheels with Tyres in Sydney

Tyres generally wear out way before the wheel rims do, because the tyres are in constant contact with the road, and if you’re driving regularly at high speeds, it doesn’t take long before the tyres start to become worn down and they lose their tread and grip on the road. If you go out to shop for wheels, have a look at the tyres that you can buy too, since it’s always a good idea to have at least one spare with you in case of an emergency.

Finally, when you’re looking for companies to buy wheels and tyres from, it’s a good idea to shop for tyres and wheels from a mechanic, since he will often be able to fit them for you as well. This saves you having to worry about doing the job yourself, although if you feel confident about it,


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