When you buy a car, usually you don’t give much thought to the tyres on it. Of course, you might give a thought or two about the type of wheels, but not about the tyres as such. However, logically you should think about the tyre too. It is one of the most important parts of the vehicle – perhaps the only part that has direct contact with the surface on which the car travels. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to ensure that your car is equipped with best car tyres available in the market.


Any car expert would tell you that if your car doesn’t run on good quality tyres, all the power and torque which it boasts of, becomes futile. Without a good tyre to run on, no car can perform well – no matter how powerful or advanced it might be. So, if you really want to enjoy a good ride, make sure that your car has good tyres on it.

That naturally brings us to the question: which tyre is right for your Mustang cars? Well, as mentioned above, buying the right tyre is necessary to enjoy a great drive. Before we discuss which tyre to buy, it is important to understand what size the tyre should be. It is important to get the right sized tyre to ensure safety, good handling and sidewall protection. The tyre number 205/55/16 indicates that the tire is 205mm wide, the sidewall is 55% of the width and the diameter of the wheel is 16 inches. Hence, make sure you buy the right tyre for your car.

Some of the popular tyre choices for Mustang cars include Nitto, Goodyear and Pirelli Tyres, to mention a few. Of these, the Goodyear and Pirelli are original equipment providers for many of the Ford cars, including the Mustang. Interestingly, the Ford Motor Company had selected the 19-inch versions of the Pirelli P Zero and P Zero Nero All-Season tyres as the original equipment fitment for the 2015 Mustang GT. Pirelli thus became a part of history as this model was launched to mark the 50th year of production of the iconic Mustang.

However, this was not the first time the two brands had joined hands. Pirelli had supplied original equipment for Ford Mustang since 2005. Apart from these, the tyre maker has supplied many more tyres to the carmaker to suit the various editions and models of the Mustang. Both brands have enjoyed a mutual confidence and have been successful in offering the car lovers the best of both worlds.

As tyres are an important part of the car, you should exercise great caution while buying or replacing your car tyres. It is always advisable to go for OEM parts, but in case you don’t, make sure that you don’t compromise on quality. Also bear in mind that what might be the best choice for someone else need not be the best for you. Hence, evaluate your needs and conditions before you eventually zero in on a particular brand or model of tyre.


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