When it comes to practical, reliable and cheap motoring, the Kia Picanto isn’t often at the top of people’s shortlists. That is quite surprising, because it represents excellent value for money!

Currently in its second generation, the Kia Picanto was first available to buy back in 2004. For those of you that don’t know, Kia is a South Korean car manufacturer. The country is one of the world’s biggest exporters of cars – and smartphones!

Are you thinking of buying a small hatchback car soon? If so, here are some reasons why the Kia Picanto might be right up your street!

Three Doors or More Doors

Some small city cars are only available in three-door formats, whereas others are only sold with five doors. But with the Kia Picanto, you can choose from either variant! It’s a great way of having the perfect car for your lifestyle.

If you only ever have one passenger on occasion, the three-door version is for you. But for those that need ultimate practicality, the five-door version will be a better bet.

It looks Great

Let’s face it the first generation Kia Picanto wasn’t much to write home about. But the current generation one sports modern styling cues and is attractive to car drivers of all ages.

You might not know this, but Peter Schreyer was one of the people that designed the latest Kia Picanto. He is the guy that designed the Audi TT, and other Audi models before getting a job with Kia as their Design Chief back in 2006.

It’s an Award Winner

According to Lifestyle Kia, there is a long list of awards that the current Kia Picanto has won. Here are some of the awards that the eye-catching second-generation model has had the honour of winning:

  • iF Product Design award for Transportation Design (2011);
  • Top Gear magazine’s Bargain Car of the Year award (2011);
  • Red Dot award in the automobile category (2012).

It’s one of the safest cars you will ever own

Have you checked out the Euro NCAP website? If so, you will see that the latest generation Kia Picanto has scored an impressive four out of five stars for its crash testing.

It scored quite high in the adult and child occupancy tests (86% and 83%). That makes it a good car to own if you have a young child or baby in tow. Few city cars score so high in crash test results, which is one of the reasons why the Kia Picanto sells like hotcakes!

It’s Cheap to Buy Brand New

In the United Kingdom, the new Kia Picanto is available to buy from just £7,795. Competitors of the Kia Picanto, such as the Volkswagen Up! and Vauxhall Adam, are around £4k to £5k more to buy from new.

But here’s the thing: those cars aren’t any better in specification than the Kia Picanto!

It has a Long Warranty

Car manufacturers only offer a three-year warranty as standard on brand new cars. But with the Kia Picanto, you can enjoy a seven-year warranty! It’s also available for up to 100,000 miles, for guaranteed peace of mind.


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