Want to know how to get the maximum possible mileage from the fuel in your car? The read on. We’ve pulled together the best advice going to give you everything you need start making significant savings. Not only, that, but you’ll also be saving the planet, too. What’s not to love? Here’s what we have found for you.

Save Fuel

Rob Brewer

Improve your Driving Awareness

One of the most important things you need to do if you want to cut down your fuel use is improve your driving awareness. Knowing what’s coming up on the road will give you more time to slow down and anticipate what other drivers are doing.

Don’t trust other drivers

No matter how good a driver you are, you cannot rely on other people. If that driver makes a mistake or slows down suddenly, then you are going to brake sharply – which burns up more fuel. While it might not sound like much for the occasional incident, if you are doing it throughout the day, it’s going to add up over the course of the year.

Cities and Built Up Areas

It’s the same principle for driving through sets of traffic lights, or over speed bumps. A steady speed will be far more efficient than accelerating and braking hard all the time. It’s also a lot more sensible.

Be Careful What you Carry

Only carry heavy loads when you have to. Keeping things in your car and driving them around is pointless, and expensive. The same applies for roof racks and boxes. They will ruin your car’s aerodynamics, causing it to work harder. And, the harder it works, the more fuel it will need. You can spend an extra 20% a year on fuel just from driving around with a roof box on, which is a lot of money however you see it.

Look after your Tyres

If you haven’t inflated your wheels for a while, get up to the garage and do it. Tyre air is free in most place, so there are no excuses. Flat or soft versions will make your car work harder, and eat up more fuel. If your tyres are looking a little old, then it can also use up more fuel. A new set of Goodyear tyres might well be the option here. Check the label to make sure they are geared towards saving fuel costs.

Get Regular Maintenance

If your car is running as smoothly as it should, then it will burn up a lot less fuel. So, it makes sense to give your vehicle a ‘medical’ once or twice a year. The cost of the service will be dwarfed by the amount you will save on fuel and repairs throughout the rest of the year.

Watch your Revs

Fuel efficiency isn’t based so much on how fast you drive, rather how many revs you fire up. Keep it below 2,500-3,000 revs and you will be driving at an optimum speed for keeping your fuel costs down. It’s an easy method to implement – all you need to do is listen out for the roar of the engine. Something that loud requires some form of energy to power it!

Do you have any fuel saving tips? Share away if so – feel free to use the comments box below.


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