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Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Some tourists prefer to travel in their cars and stay at hotels during their road trips, while others, use a Recreational Vehicle (RV) to enjoy their excursion to the fullest. RV road trips are known for bringing people together better than anything else. Here are 7 reasons you should take an RV instead of a car for your next road trip:

1.  Comfort and Coziness

Recreational vehicles come in many sizes. Modern RVs have ample space for comfortable living. A large RV can be as large as a hotel room. It has a small kitchen, beds and a functional bathroom. Although these sections are not as good as the ones in your home, they can fairly satisfy your traveling needs. It should accommodate up to 6 people for comfortable living and sleep.

When traveling in your car if you want a reasonable amount of space and facilities, you have to check into a hotel, which obviously can be very expensive, especially in the Holiday-season when it is difficult to find a vacant room.

2.  Expenditure

Traveling in an RV gives you an option to cook for yourself. Your personal kitchen gives you the freedom of choosing whatever you like to eat at any time. You can make big savings by avoiding paying for separate meals, especially when traveling in a group of 5 or 6.

Traveling by a car and staying in a pleasant hotel also seems to be a good option, as accommodations are available all over the states. However, the comfort of a respectable hotel room comes at a high price.

3.  Flexibility

Major outdoor destinations get occupied and overcrowded quickly in the summer season. Traveling in an RV makes your journey more flexible. You can avoid traffic, bad weather and unforeseen delays by altering routes. You can stay at irresistible newfound places a little longer than you had planned.

During the summer/vacations, hotels are usually booked to capacity in advance. This pretty much forces you to follow an inelastic schedule. Moreover, there is no freedom for you to make any fun spontaneous changes to your journey’s timeline.

4.  Practicality

Traveling in a car gives you easier access to find a place to pull over for a quick look at a beautiful site, but you might not be able to stay there if you like. However, these days there are many places that accommodate RVs and offer a separate RV parking, so you can stay for as long as you desire and have fun.

5.  Convenience

While living in a hotel you don’t have to do any chores like washing the dishes. This might be the main reason why you took the vacations. However, while traveling in the car, repeatedly unpacking and repacking your suitcases can become really tiring. Mostly you will rely on possibly overcrowded restaurants for most of your meals. Hence, you will spend a lot of time in search of suitable food places and cues.

A recreational vehicle provides the ultimate traveling convenience. You can run any appliance at any time you want using the best RV generator, like a fridge that has your beverages and snacks. Although, you need to buy groceries and clean up yourself, you have the liberty to do what you like. You do not have to look through your suitcases to find clothes; they are easily accessible in drawers and wardrobes. Other belongings can be placed in overhead cabinets. You can stop for lunch wherever you find an appealing place to pull over like a rest area, a State Park or a scenic view in a National Park.

6.  Closeness to Nature

Camping gets you very close to the nature. You explore natural wonders and enjoy the environment in the best way possible. It is also true that some campgrounds are nothing more than large parking lots, but you can always look for the ones situated in scenic areas with trees, rocks or open spaces away from the city traffic.

Traveling by car and staying in a hotel can isolate you from your surroundings. You need to be away from buildings and traffic noises to feel the nature and its sounds.

7.  Socialize

You meet friendly people and form a small community every time you stay at a campground. You all share your camping experiences. At night, you usually sleep in peace and quiet. If you are cramped very close with noisy campers, you can always move your recreational vehicle to a quieter place.

Traveling by car gives you fewer chances to socialize with people. Furthermore, if you are trying to sleep in your hotel room and the people next door decide to have a loud party, there is very little you can do about it.




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