You know that shopping for a hybrid vehicle means you’ll help green up the environment. However, there are many more benefits to a hybrid than being eco-friendly. As you shop for a hybrid, consider all of the perks. You, the environment, and others on the road will also enjoy a safer drive when you’re behind the wheel. Here are five hybrid benefits you may have not realized:

hybrid vehicleImage Source: Wikimedia

1. You’ll be less distracted. Many hybrid vehicles have more technology to end distracted driving than mainstream cars. You can upgrade your model to ensure the best possible technology, and remember – adding on technology is also an option to customize your ride. In comparison to major hybrids, you might find the hybrid of your dream when you start looking at lesser-known models. That’s why test drives are important, and why you should always take a car for a spin when shopping.

2. You’ll get the best parking spots. Increasingly, stores are offering the best spots to hybrid and e-vehicles. Buy a hybrid and you’ll automatically get a parking upgrade. The benefits will just continue to grow as more stores adopt this policy. This will especially come in handy on weekends and during the holiday season. Start looking out for which stores offer these spots, and you’ll get a sneak peek at what you can look forward to.

3. You won’t have to keep a close eye on gas prices. You already know that you’ll save money with a hybrid, but have you ever considered how much? Gas prices are in constant fluctuation, and as we enter the summer months the news stations are already warning about the peak prices. Right now, you might be keeping a close eye on gas prices and maybe even planning your weekend travels around it. You’ll never have to look at gas prices again with a hybrid vehicle.

4. There are always changes to IRS regulations. Every year, the IRS can change the rules when it comes to benefits and perks. There have been plenty of upsides to getting a hybrid vehicle, though usually it needs to be a new purchase. Talk to your CPA before making a purchase and find out what kind of benefits might be waiting for you at the end of the tax season. It’s another way to save money that’s in addition to the good karma coming your way. Keep in mind that the summer months also come with a number of special offers from dealerships, so you can really maximize your savings.

5. Enjoy a quieter ride. Hybrids are naturally much quieter vehicles, sometimes to the point where you might wonder if it’s started. This can be a great bonus to those who work odd hours or otherwise worry about disturbing those around them. Perfect for early morning commutes or those who live with light sleepers, it’s just one of the many unexpected upsides to going with a hybrid.

Hybrids have become mainstream, which means there are more options than ever. There are crossovers and larger vehicles, as well as sport two-door coupes and classic sedans. They also usually come with a lower MSRP than their mainstream counterparts. Even if a hybrid isn’t a must-have as you shop for a new vehicle, consider adding it to the list. You can save money, lighten your carbon footprint, and take advantage of the best possible technology. There’s never been a better time to go green, especially when everyone from local businesses to the IRS is persuading you to be more eco-friendly.


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